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From AIS to AIM - Flyers

May 9, 2019

Your journey from AIS to AIM

ITV Consult offers a wide range of services that are designed to help meet your organization's needs to address the transition from AIS to AIM and support you going digital.

You will find detailed descriptions of the AIM services that are available from ITV Consult. To get started, see the following service descriptions:

  AIM Consulting

AIM Consulting Flyer

  AIM Training

AIM Training Flyer

AIM Course Flyer

AIM Course Outline Flyer

  AIM Compliance Support

AIM Compliance Support Flyer

  AIM Data Catalogue

AIM Data Catalogue Flyer

  AIM Implementation Support

AIM Implementation Flyer

  AIM Procurement Support

AIM Procurement Support Flyer